Today the primary focus of the DLIA is our role as a ‘watchdog’, seeking to identify potential and existing issues that affect water quality and the long-term health of the lake.  Our goal is to also forge strong ties governing bodies at the state, county, and local levels, as well as with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other agencies, to help ensure timely attention to the condition and the needs of the lake. 

In well over 100 years of our advocacy for Delavan Lake, the years, there have been countless issues and projects, large and small, that the DLIA has supported and/or directed, along with providing financial support and sharing of resource management expertise.  In the early years, the DLIA even founded the Town’s first fire & rescue organization and funded the first Police Water Patrol Boat! The DLIA was also instrumental in efforts that created the Sanitary Sewer System.

More recently, the DLIA has

Funded a Cover Crop Program, where farmers plant grassy strips of land between their fields and the lake to
reduce run-off of fertilizer and soil/sediment from farm fields into the lake;
Hosted educational displays and experts at the Town’s LakeFest in June;
Provided funding for yellow swim buoys at Community Park to help keep weeds out of the swimming area;
Conducted a research project for the Town’s Lake Committee, surveying towns throughout the State to  determine best practices in How Towns Take Care of Their Lakes.
Provided funding and volunteers for a Pontoon Classroom Day at the Community Park; 
Initially funded the Town of Delavan’s Clean Boats / Clean Waters program to inspect boats and educate boaters
on cleaning debris off boats before entering and leaving the lake;
Organized, raised funds, and posted signs identifying the Boundaries of the Delavan Lake Watershed;
Initiated (in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) the first Delavan Lake Economic Impact
Study in 2005;
Led efforts to plan and execute major Lake Rehabilitation & Restorations projects.

We will continue to build on the many opportunities to educate our membership and area residents about how we can all be good stewards of our most important local resource - Delavan Lake.

DLIA Accomplishments
The Delavan Lake Improvement Association was founded in 1895 and organized with this purpose: to help protect and preserve the lake and all land around it, to represent those who own its property, and to provide a wholesome and relaxing environment for our friends and visitors.