Increase marketing and brand awareness by sponsoring educational events, news releases and articles, including adding two new farmers to DLIA sponsored sites

Communicate with members quarterly via electronic and hardcopy newsletters

Increase followings on Facebook and Instagram with impactful and educational postings

Continue to educate members and the public of conservation best practices and begin to promote boater safety/awareness through the DLIA website, brochures and newspaper articles

Explore restoring a Delavan Lake Safety Patrol to be funded by donations, similar to what had been sponsored by the DLIA in prior years

Create an Urban Development Education Program to ensure that homeowners/developers within the watershed are aware of those companies that follow sound conservation practices

Increase membership by 15%

Continue partnerships with the Town of Delavan (TOD), the Delavan Lake Sanitary District (DLSD), and the Walworth County Land Use & Resource Management group to identify and implement best practices identified in the Delavan Lake Watershed Implementation and Jackson Creek Watershed Protection plans with the objective of removing Delavan Lake from the DNR list of impaired waterways. Examples of these partnerships include the seasonal carp bounty, possible development of an “algae vacuum”, the possible introduction of harvestable buffers, and increased use of drone technology to monitor lake water quality and other useful purposes

With the County LU&RM group, jointly sponsor 2 Farm Field days with at least 30 farmers in attendance

Promote Healthy Lakes Initiative Grants to lakefront owners and associations

Host a spring DLIA party/informational event attended by at least 30% of our members