Delavan Club Condominium Association

The Delavan Club Condominium Association on the Outlet is made up of 17 buildings containing 132 units.  Built as a weekend retreat complex, the Association features a Clubhouse used for Association and private events, a large swimming pool, and tennis courts.  The spacious grounds provide lots of walking, sledding, and cross country skiing opportunities.  The most popular event is the 4th of  July party which brings families and friends together for games, dinner, music and pony rides.  Other events include the Annual Meeting & Lunch on Memorial Day weekend and the Labor Day Ice Cream Social.

The homeowners at Delavan Club are a mixture of families who come every weekend, families who come from distant states for 2 weeks a year, and people who have made lasting friendships with other homeowners and even regularly travel with couples they’ve met at Delavan Club – such as Ray and Pat Granzow.

The Granzows have been homeowners at Delavan Club since 1990 when it was first built, and Ray is now the DLIA’s newest Board Member.  Ray is an avid environmentalist and fisherman and is also a certified Illinois Master Gardener.  He has assisted Delavan Club with several projects, including the development of a landscaping Master Plan.

Delavan Club has also provided the DLIA with two other Board Members – Sue and Ed Heffron.  While homeowners of Delavan Club may have originally been attracted to the area to own a home on the Lake, many have found ways to enjoy themselves AND also contribute to the community.

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