Delavan Lake is our greatest asset. The DLIA study in 2005 showed a tremendous economic impact of a clean and healthy Lake to the region.

Everyone loves the Lake for different reasons. Maybe you grew up here; perhaps you enjoy fishing or boating. Some enjoy viewing the Lake and its large variety of wildlife. Winter fun? There’s ice fishing, ice boating and walking on the Lake.
The one thing we all have in common is the desire for the Lake to always be there for us and future generations. As people in the past have cared for the Lake, now it’s our turn to make sure it remains clean and healthy.

It is necessary to be vigilant about maintaining the Lake, and there are a variety of programs in place to help. For example, the Town of Delavan and the Delavan Lake Sanitary District monitor sediment depth in the Mound Road ponds. As more sediment fills the pond bottoms, it may become necessary to dredge them again in order to keep that sediment from filling the Inlet as it has done in the past. The DLSD also monitors for invasive species and conducts regular water quality monitoring. 

Monitoring to collect data leads to plans based on science. Once a problem is found, the Town or DLSD can engage engineers to find solutions. Lake maintenance is costly and funding is difficult, but it’s important that we identify problems and fix them while they’re manageable instead of catastrophic.

What can you do? You can support programs such as Clean Boats/Clean Waters program that seeks to educate boaters and prevent new invasive species from entering the Lake. You can follow good lawn maintenance procedures by not over-fertilizing, using non-phosphorous fertilizer, and planting shoreline buffers. You can support the DLIA because we will alert you when there is a problem and show you how you can help.

There’s also a major initiative in process called the Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network. Led by the Kettle Moraine Land Trust, this is a multi-year program that tackles problems in the watershed. Farm-field runoff as well as lawn run-off can feed too much sediment and too many nutrients into the Lake; this network will examine sources and find funding to solve problems. The Kettle Moraine Land Trust is a DLIA partner; you can link to their website from our homepage.

Maintenance is everyone’s job. Thank you for supporting the Delavan Lake Improvement Association in this important ongoing effort.
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