South Shore Manor (SSM) is a private subdivision off South Shore Drive, and contains 74 homes, many of which date back to the 1930’s and possibly even earlier. South Shore Manor Improvement Association was incorporated in 1947 and has remained an active group since its inception. The subdivision maintains its own boat launch, lakeside park and beach, and the roads throughout SSM are private. All road maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the members and the cost of snowplowing by the Town is placed on the homeowner’s tax bill.

The SSMIA has a Board of Directors, and the general membership meets at least once a year and on that date, the entire association participates in a picnic at the lakeside park and beach. Association dues are allocated on a per lot and per house basis, and that money is used for such items as park and boat launch maintenance, lighting and signage in the subdivision, road repairs, legal fees, insurance premiums, and general upkeep and improvements. During the winter, there are approximately 10 homeowners in residence, with very little weekend use by owners. One original family still resides in SSM, and recalls those days long ago much as we know it today…a quiet and friendly neighborhood of cottages and homes, drawing owners primarily from the Chicago area.

Two owners stand out in our memories from about 20 years ago…a Chicago police detective and an executive secretary. Together they traveled to the station in Harvard, boarded the train to Union Station in Chicago, took buses to their respective jobs, and at the end of each day, repeated that same journey back to Delavan. They did this Monday through Friday, and it is estimated that they spent more than 22 hours commuting each week…a compliment to both South Shore Manor and the Town of Delavan!

Recently, SSM has been very interested in the dredging of Brown’s Channel. Homeowners watch work on the project progress (see related story on page one), and on Saturday, August 4th, participated in a public hearing held by the Town of Delavan regarding the plans to implement a special assessment for the dredging. Here’s an outline of the process of levying a special assessment. At the time of the initial engineering proposal for the dredging of the Tributary and the channel, the Town asked the lake project consultant to recommend a cost allocation formula for homeowners on and near the channel, based upon the premise that these citizens would receive a ‘private benefit’ as a result of the dredging.

Steps involved in the special assessment include:
• Certified mail notification by the Town to owners in South Shore Manor and Sunny Del;
• Notice to include information on rationale for project and the formula used for assessment to owners; and
• Date, time and location for the public hearing.

The affected properties and their assessment allocations are 17 waterfronts in Sunny Del, South Shore Manor with 22 waterfronts and 11 properties with deeded boat slips (55%) and 67 properties with lake, park and launch access (25%). This means that homeowners will bear 80% of the project cost. The remaining cost (20%) will be borne by the Town of Delavan.
Both subdivisions were well represented at the August 4th hearing, and the meeting was open to all persons who wished to address the Town Board regarding their questions and concerns about the project and the proposed special assessment. Their comments will be considered by the Town Board and a final vote on the assessment is expected at the September 18th Town
Board meeting. 

- Contributed by Mary Knipper