Delavan Lake Watershed Awareness Project
What do people driving, bicycling or walking the following routes have in common?

Northbound or southbound on Elm Ridge Road in the Town of Darien
Westbound on Wisconsin Street at the County Courthouse grounds in the City of Elkhorn
Westbound on Highway 67 at the edge on the George Williams golf course in the Village                      of Williams Bay

They are all entering the Delavan Lake watershed - the 26,000 acres that drain into Delavan Lake!
As a Delavan Lake Watershed Awareness project, the DLIA spearheaded a drive to raise the monies to install 25 permanent signs along major roads around the watershed to help residents and visitors recognize that they are entering the Delavan Lake watershed.
Designed by Thomas Connelly of Central Printing in Delavan, these colorful signs will raise the consciousness of residents and visitors about the special nature of this remarkable natural resource. Our goal is for people to become aware that what they do in their everyday lives within the watershed will impact Delavan Lake - such as controlling agricultural runoff, not using phosphorus based lawn and garden fertilizers, or reducing impervious surfaces at their homes and businesses and adding porous stone, native grasses and/or wildflowers.

We made a difference in protecting Delavan Lake! 

Many individuals and businesses in our community joined together in donating funds to support the Delavan Lake Watershed Awareness Project. You may view the list of our “Stewards” and “Guardians” of this Project here.  They have truly made a difference in protecting Delavan Lake!
Delavan Lake Watershed Guardians and Stewards.

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This brochure was prepared by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional 
Planning Commission to educate citizens about managing lake and 
river buffer zones. Please take time to read it and learn how you can 
help protect and restore water quality. 

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