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Improving the Past - Delavan Lake Win

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What is the value of a clean and healthy lake?

Smart Growth - "When water quality decreases, so does the quality of life."

Aquatic Plants You Should Know
Here is an insteresting article from Audrey Green, Walworth County Lake Specialist, about aquatic plants you should know. Click here to read...

Lake Turnover - 2012
At a recent DLIA Board of Directors meeting, the topic of "Lake Turnover" came up, and we determined that many of us did not know what that meant. New Board Member, Kay Beers, located the interesting details for us. Take a look! "Mixed Up Delavan Lake" on Lake News, Page 2

Into the Depths of Lake Delavan - 2012
Delavan Lake was affected last summer by Mother Nature when our lake levels sank by almost a foot. Read more....

Fish Management Activities on Delavan Lake  - 2012
Click here to view a summary of the report by the Wisconsin DNR

Delavan Lake Stocked with 100 Tagged Muskies - 2012
Click here to read the article written by Mike VanderBunt and to view photographs.

Lake Study Released - 2012
In December, Dr. Dale Robertson of the US Geological Survey reported to the Town's Lake Committee on the results of his lake monitoring efforts. The following report details the lake science and history, with possible recommendations for the Town. Click here to read the report.

Delavan Lake Watershed Initiative Network
Please use the link below to read an overview of the principles for establishment of the Delavan Lake WIN. You may also learn more background on our history of lake efforts leading to this important coalition focused on “Improving The Past” by visiting our "DLIA in Action" section at the top of our home page.  Delavan Lake Win

"Asian Carp close to Wisconsin"; Red Swamp Crayfish in Washington and Kenosha Counties"These headlines may cause momentary concern but luckily, they are not "here" - right? Wait...."Sacred Lotus and Water Pennywort found in Delavan Lake". Yes, that's right, both Sacred Lotus and Water Pennnywort, two extremely aggressive aquatic invasive species (AIS), were introduced to Delavan Lake some time in the last few years. Read more about invasvie species and how You can get involved.

Interesting Lake Reads