Buoy and Raft Permit - Please refer to the Town of Delavan's website for information on buoy and raft permits, which are required by Town ordinance.

IT'S THE LAW - Before leaving any boat launch remember: Inspect your boat, trailer and equipment; remove all aquatic plants, animals and mud from your boat, trailer and equipment; Drain all water from your boat, motor, fish, livewell and equipment; Never move plants, water or live fish from a water body. 
Since the Delavan Lake Improvements Association's 1895 inception, the DLIA has taken a leadership role in the implementation of many significant lake projects. Over the past 100 years, the DLIA, in addition to promoting and supporting various beneficial projects, has served as a lake “watch dog” by identifying and alleviating problems. The DLIA's recent accomplishments. 
Delavan Lake Improvement Association
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26,000 acres
drain into our lake! 
What does this mean?
Draft of SEWRPC’s Jackson Creek plan - This draft report has been published and is available. Click here to read the plan. The next steps are review by the Wisconsin DNR and US Environmental Protection Agency, then there will be public meetings where the community’s input on implementation will be sought. The project is being managed locally by Maggie Zoellner, Executive Director of the Kettle Moraine Land Trust. This Executive Summary (in blue) gives background, requirements and recommendations.
Town Watershed Plan - The town of Delavan with the assistance of Engineering Consultant Peter Berrini and Northwater Consulting is in the process of completing a watershed implementation plan. Read more
A Homeowners Guide to Native Shoreline GardensOwning lakefront property can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. It can also be one of the most frustrating experiences." A Homeowners Guide to Native Shoreline Gardens provides information on plants, creating a plan, assistance and permits, and helpful resources. Click on this link to view it. Homeowners Guide to Native Shoreline Gardens.
New Program For Homeowners - There is a new grant program for homeowners to help fund best practices for lakeshore property. Click here to learn more.
Jellyfish in Wisconsin Lakes​? Click here to read the "Return of the Jellies" in the Sept-Oct issue of the Monitor.