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Sign Up Now for DLIA's AIS Training Workshop!

Updated: May 16

On Monday, July 10, the DLIA will host Aquatic Invasive Species training for members and

friends who want to know which AIS are near their shoreline or in the lake. The

training will be provided by Delavan Lake Sanitary District personnel, Charlie Handel and Audrey Greene, and will focus on aquatic plants we can see, how harmful they are, and what we can do about them, as well as touch on new plants to watch for.

The free workshop will be at the Delavan Club Clubhouse, 1510 N Shore Dr, from 10-noon. There will be some classroom followed by shoreline walks and boat journeys.

We need 7 participants in order to hold this; with a maximum of 20. Please RSVP on the Events page to guarantee your place!

Eurasian Water Milfoil

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