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Inlet/Outlet Meeting Held June 15th

On Thursday, June 15th, more than 100 people attended a meeting hosted by the DLIA to discuss issues in the lake's Inlet and Outlet. This was the second meeting of this group and speakers included Mary Knipper, Town Chair, Peter Berrini, engineering consultant, Brian Smetana, Walworth County NRCS, James DeLuca and Charlie Handel, DLSD, and Bill Thummel, DLIA President.

Residents discussed their issues with sedimentation, where it is difficult to get their boats off the lifts, and the Town acknowledged that much is to be learned about what's causing that as well as possible solutions.

The Town has ordered a bathymetric study from ILM, a lake consulting company, that will show sediment depth in various places in the Inlet, Outlet, and Brown's Channel. The study should be completed this year. Then it will be evaluated for causes and solutions.

The DLIA plans to continue holding these informative meetings.

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